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Leijona Ice Hockey School is a joint venture of two ice hockey clubs, Espoon Kiekkoseura (EKS) and Espoon Palloseura (EPS). It is primarily intended for children born in between years 2011-2013. All children under 8 years old are welcome, and no previous experience is needed.

When & Where

Program starts 6.10 and ends 31.3

We practice twice a week, in three different locations. Choose the location that is closest to your home.

Each ice practice is divided into two 45min sessions. Youngest participants are on ice for the first 45 minutes, and older children the last 45min. We make the final division into groups one week before the start, and announce them in MyClub

Espoon Kiekkoseura group

Saturdays at Laaksolahti 13:00 – 14:30
Laaksolahden urheilupuisto, Lähdepurontie 1

Sundays at Leppävaaran Warrior Arena 13:45 – 15:15
Leppävaaran urheilupuisto, Maatienpelto 1

Espoon Palloseura group

Saturdays at Espoonlahti practice rink (small building) 12:35 – 13:15
Espoonlahdentie 2-4

Sundays at Espoonlahti (big building) Forum 13:00 – 14:30
Espoonlahdentie 2-4



Full season 6.10 - 31.3. 120€

Autumn 6.10 – 16.12 70€

Spring 5.1 – 31.3 70€.

Price includes your own jersey, hockey stick and a beanie. 


How to enroll

You must enroll in MyClub service. Fill in your contact information, we use it to inform you of important events and possible changes. Use links below to enroll:

Full season Laaksolahti / Leppävaara


Full season Espoonlahti


Autumn Laaksolahti / Leppävaara


Autumn Espoonlahti


Cancellation is possible before start of the program or during the first two weeks.


Mandatory equipment’s are:

  • Helmet with face mask
  • Skates
  • Neck protector
  • Gloves, that protect from cold and from cuts


We recommend use of full ice hockey gear. Proper protection makes learning more fun for children. Jersey and stick are included in price and will be given after payment of invoice.


Contact information

Laaksolahti & Leppävaara group

Lennu Kämppi, Head of Coaching Espoon Kiekkoseura
044 556 5399

Espoonlahti group

Timo Winqvist,  Espoon Palloseura
050 354 5227